Why Wyo

I’ve been out of the loop for the past week.  The flu that everyone else was getting, finally got me.  A Bouquet of Thermometers... by greekchickieToo much air travel is my best guess because I rarely get sick.

From the delirium of a high fever I mused that my time was short.  Alas, there were things not yet done: India, Africa, painting the bathroom, cleaning out my files….moving to Wyoming.Beautiful Wyoming by MikeJonesPhoto

I love Wyoming.  I have spent days driving across the state, researching the second manucript I just finished.  There is something primal about the beauty of that state; something that is quick to remind those whose ancestors ventured west, just exactly what lured them.

The open senses of the broad view across rolling plains to the eastWyoming winter wind by inate, or the majesty of the Tetons Grand Teton Nationalpark, Wyoming, USA by Dracsthat beg one to reconsider ther westward path and settle in their shadow, both are highly addictive drugs.

A friend recently sent me a link to a slide show put together by a gifted photographer named Kate.  I brought my laptop to bed three days ago and have watched the pictures slide by to western music over and over…and planned my next trip to Wyoming. 

Kate’s Wyoming

Life might be short, but my temperatures down today.  Forget India, Africa, the freshly painted bathroom and the tidy files…Wyoming is in my future, along with a 1945 Chevy TruckMy 1945 chevy truck by bootsmcghee, a gun rack and a couple of big dogs…or a couple of dogs that think big. JRT Flying by pane53