I Am Your Father

Parenthood is an odd thing.  

Just knowing a life had been created is often enough to engender a deep love for the unborn. Other times, the heart waits to swell until a child is held for the first time.  Once in a while, the planets align to offer a star-crossed gift: Parent and child, separated from the time of conception lay eyes upon each other for the first time.

I have experienced all three.  I can tell you the magic is the same.  

The similarity?  Each introduction is filled with the unknown.  No baggage serves to taint the deep and abiding relationship.  The freshness of the moment in that initial spark of love allows affection to burn clear and bright.  Neither yet knows the other’s secrets; neither yet knows the other’s pain or glories.  No matter the relationship the two of you had or will have, like meeting a soulmate for the first time, the universe surrounding you is pure.

If we were to reflect on that initial spark more often, the chafe of years might more easily fall away, tarnished love, renewed.

And, while the secret to life may be to ever look forward, perhaps the secret to love is to ever look back.