Flu the Coop

Well, it wasn’t the flu…it was pneumonia.  Viral Pneumonia by PA and LATWalking pneumonia, to be exact.  Why it’s called walking pneumonia I can’t fathom.  There was little walking taking place.

102+ degree fever for 5 days, even with a hard core antibiotic.  173\365  Fever ! by sad feeling™I was laid flat in bed (very rare for me) for nearly a full week.  Now, nothing remains but a cough…hack, hack.  And I was up in time for Thanksgiving preparation.  Fortunately, with aid of my firstborn daughter and my husband.

Happy Thanksgiving! by arwazooThanksgiving was a success thanks to my “staff” for whom I am MOST grateful…and a little antibiotic called Levaquin.

The fifty-plus version of better living through chemistry…little helper by sidewalk_story