Houston: We Have a Problem

I’ve known a few souls throughout my life who have, for one reason or another, decided to leave theirs early. Oddly…or not, all have been extrememly talented, extremely loved and extrememly self-destructive. One has to wonder if, on some level, they have some prescience of how short their life will be.  They endeavor to do everything, try everything and be all to all people.  In a sense, they give themselves over to the masses in return for the experiences of a lifetime, albeit an abbreviated lifetime.

It seems Whitney Houston did it that way.  Reaching for the stars at age 14, she became an icon with the speed of light, giving off sparks of fury as she made her way to the light. Ironically her anthem has become I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.

Listen to the words. They could easily be the words of a person reaching for something they think they may never achieve; someone gripped by insecurity and confusion, in the end believing the world would be a better place without them or that the pain of believing they’d become too used in a world of championship users had become too much to bare.

Am I really loved? she may have wondered. And why?

Fans wait to know if she took her own life or if God intervened somehow. But, in the end, it doesn’t matter how she passed. In a deep, dark seat, far away from the veiled masses, on a level no one human understands in life, Whitney decided to flee. And the timing was perfect. Superstar, voice of purity and hope, made the grand exit as though her life had been scripted from the start. She didn’t let her fans down. She was still queen of the Grammy night, worshiped by millions who listened to Jennifer Hudson sing the anthem of love, eternal.