May Day, May Day

May Day and all I can think about is the end of the month.  Help me!

I’m making a trip to New York City the end of May and already I’m relishing the endless food possibilities:

The hands down winner for pastrami, or corned beef, for that matter, is Katz’s Deli on Houston street.  Katz's ExteriorThere’s a subway stop just one block away, so no need to take a cab from uptown.  Subtly flavored and not too lean, the pastrami is melt-in-your-mouth good.  They have great matzo ball soup, too…and egg creams.  And the salt only bright green pickles are unlike anything you’ll every pull from a jar.New picklesUnlike other NYC deli’s, Katz’s is proud of their food, not themselves.  They are the “real deal”.

Pastrami on Rye @ Katz - INNARDS


Another favorite: Lupa. IMG_1187 One of Mario Batalli’s contributions, Lupa serves up fabulous Roman-style Italian fare.  Try the escarole salad with walnuts and red onions, or let the waiter select an antipasto assortment for you: salumi, olives, roman artichokes and marinated beets.  Artichokes and beets with pistachios

Bacala, a salt cod preparation is fabulous and truely Roman…and the tuna with cannelini beans couldbe lunch for me.  My entree favorite?  Bavette, a long, round thick noodle, Cacio & Pepe,bavette cacio e pepeis the quintessential Roman dish…pasta lightly dressed with golden olive oil, cracked pepper and pecorino cheese.

Tried and true french for me is always bistro food.  IMG_2095 copyLa Goulue on Madison, upper east side, is a place to which I always return.  It matches the bussle of a Paris restaurant, is never stuffy though it’s often filled with blue-haired ladies at luchnch, and the food it typically french but never haute.  Roast chicken, steak frites, Steak-Fritesprofiteroles….profiterolles with chocolate in the gardenHungry yet?  Can I wait until the end of May?