Rainbow Season

Spring is magic in so many ways: buds popping from dead looking branches,Pent-up Buds

color pushing its way up through bleak soil, Pushing towards Spring

and rainbows.Double Rainbow

The ambivalent nature of spring weather create what might be the most magical cast of the season.  Whenever the day is conflicted, balancing precariously somewhere between thunder storm and sunshine, Rainbowrainbows seem to be everywhere.

Symbol of  the divine promise, no matter what one’s belief, the rainbow conjures hope: sunnier days, warmer weather and longer hours of sunshine.  They are a simple opportunity to pause and the appreciate the turn of season, the turn of the year and the turn of life.

Next time one paints it’s way across the sky, Rainbow Valleytake time to think about the effortless way it brings us to grace.