Wine, Whine

I know a little something about making wine.  Wine Press in La Garde FreinetBeing involved in the beginning of a winery, from the ground up, imparts a certain amount of knowledge.  I do not purport to know it all, or even as much as many others in the business.  Gainey Winery/VineyardBut, I DO know, as much as I love the field of wine and wine making, I detest the pretention it tends to breed in those who are determined to prove to anyone who will listen how much they know about the age-old liquid.

Below is a quotation, case-in-point, of what I mean, as a famous critic describes a 1985 LafiteChâteau Lafite Rothschild 2001 - PN8M9965:

“Initially unassuming but beautifully balanced, surprisingly deep, though not too New World deep, its bouquet unfurled. On the palate too, like the Dance of the Seven Veils, layers of flavour were revealed, finally reaching perfection. Modestly titillating but not erotic.”


The tone of little pearls such as this will led many to seek out Ripple on the shelf rather than confess they haven’t a clue what this gentleman is talking about.

Can’t it be enough that the wine is fabulous, marries well with the food served, and leaves no one with a headache?

Descriptions like the one above are why most people who drink wine will not spend a whole lot on a bottle.  They fear they will never measure up to the wine.  Accessibility to a product is paramount…even if it means speaking to the general public on a par, not from a pedestal.Gainey vineyards