A Certain Credo

I love being on a boat, Boat Behind Tajaway from the radio, the TV…the daily news.  It seems all to revolve around comparison: the weather of yesterday vs. today; the economy of today vs. tomorrow; the rise of conservation; the decline of values; the standard of one life to another.  Judgement in any and all cases.  Scales of Justice Brisbane Supreme Court=
What guilt, greed and sadness might dissolve if we all turned our attention to the greater measure of good that abounds? 

I think, compared to the success of the world and its inhabitants through the eons, the failures would fill a tea cup.  Yet, humanity tends to focus on the dire.  It’s what we do.  And we’ve taken it to the twenty-four hour news channel absurd.

How much happier would the world be if a certain credo were magically adopted overnight?

The father of Gestalt Therapy Fritz PErlsmay have been on the right track:

I am not in this world to live up to other people’s expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine.
Fritz Perls

If I were king, there would be a new news channel: GNN, the Good News Network.  Kitty Smile“All Good, All the Time”.