To Tweet or Not to Tweet

First of all, when I hear the word tweet, I think of a Warner Brothers cartoon.  If you’re old enough, or a cartoon junky like I am, you do, too.

I admit, I have gone into social networking kicking and screaming.  I put off starting a blog until my literary agent insisted.  I’ve been banned from Facebook by my children (thank God).  

I really can’t imagine that most people have enough to time to assimilate everything going on in their lives, let alone following someone else.  I mean, most people have similar experiences…it’s all relative.

So, when my agent suggested I Tweet, I recoiled.  Who in their right mind cares (except for my husband–maybe) what I am doing with my time?

I wrestled with the fact that my agent had my best interest in mind, regarding being published, that is, against the notion I had that I didn’t want everyone knowing what I was doing (Did you hear about the guy who tweeted he was going on vacation and came home to an empty house?).

Solution?  Tweet for someone else.  

Enter the main character of my first novel, (yet, unpublished): A small Italian dog of certain nobility who offers his perspective on life.

Shimoni can be found on Twitter, using HIS alias: Shimoni 001 CaesarsDog

Dilemma solved.  After all, social networking had to be invented by a dog, don’t you think?