To Merge or Not To Merge

I just spent a week in New York helping my younger daughter settle into an apartment.  Apartment therapy, living room by ninainvormBeing under twenty-five years of age, she needed her Mom for the rental of a car that was used to transport various items of furniture and fluff from second-hand shops to her new abode.  Moving truck by labels_30My extra set of arms came in handy, as well as my checkbook.

All-in-all, we had a great time; outfitted the flat and learned an interesting detail about the driving habits of New Yorkers:  They don’t seem to know how to merge.Merge by myclockworks

On-ramp after on-ramp, they slow down, then stop, only to wait for a convenient opening which is impossible between the hours of six am to eight pm.  Bring a sandwich.365 - 316 - sandwich by the brownhorse

I thought East-Coasters were supposed to be on the fast track.  It should be the slouchers on the West Coast that linger at the end of the on-ramp, no?

Take a lesson from your own self-description, New Yorkers: Speed up!Speeding Yellow Cab! by NYC nikonian007