Planes, Trains and Autos

I think mass transit is for the young.  Not that I consider myself ancient, but perhaps the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is true. 

After years of wishing for mass transit in the Seattle area, I have changed my mind.  I spent seven days in the New York/New Jersey area, Statue of Liberty by Barry10Atesting various methods of transportation: rental cars, trains, subways and planes.

Day one: we arrived late to Newark Airport.  Car service to Broxville was grid-lock.Taxis in NY by neil.lathwood

Day two: I took the wrong subway Subway #1 by DanielKHCwhen trying to connect between Pann Staton and Grand Central Station.  Missed two trains…

Day Three:  I caught the right trains and even connected to the correct subways, but lost my train ticket Train Ticket too by eddiemalonesomewhere in the transfer and had to pay a surcharge for a new one on the train.

Day Four: Had the ticket in hand, got off at the wrong stop late at night and put my house-guesting at risk by having to be picked up at a station far from home.Little Silver Train Station, New Jersey by flickr4jazz

Day Five: Right, train, right ticket, right stop (at Newark to pick up a rental car), neglected to hear I needed the train ticket to be admitted to the AirTrain that services the airport.  Had to buy a new ticket.Ticket machine by HelveticaFanatic

Day Six: I refused to go anywhere.  Counted the steps from the first floor to the third and came up with a different number each time…

Day Seven: $45 taxi for a ten-minute ride to the airport only to find out the plane was six hours late.delay by obLiterated

Welcome Home!!!