Throwing Doughnuts on Tax Day

Imperial CafeAt the beautiful Cafe Imperial in Prague, one may buy a tray of stale doughnuts for 2,000 crowns ($60 American) and throw them at anybody they wish.  I suspect the offer was born of the long oppression by the communists, as both a safe avenue of self-expression and a window into one’s character.  Though, since the theory was born during the poverty of the cold war, that determination may well have been the amount of money in the pocket.Cafe Imperial

The idea is based on the idea of a Czech humorist (Hasek, Skvorecky?…I put my money on Hasek.) that there are three categories of people.

1. those who would look at a bowl of doughnuts and think nothing,

2. those who dream of throwing them andode to thrown donuts

3. those who would actually do it.

What’s your number?