According to Reuters, a Thai man is keeping scorpions as pets to atone for years spent cooking them as snacks to sell in the streets of that country.

Four thousand-six-hundred of them, to be exact…though I’m not quite clear on how one arrives at an exact figure for such a thing.

Now, I love to cook.  I’ve cooked a few chickens, steers and even rabbits; crabs, prawns and lobster live, no less, and in boiling water.  Personally, I’ve never had the urge to repent but, I confess, it’s early.  I just recently passed the half-century mark (recent, in terms of universal time, that is…).  There’s still time to do the Rosary.

I’ll bet the Thai “Pirate of Penance” is older.  I would say he sees his end in sight but, with forty-six hundred scorpions in his basement, that seems obvious.

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