My Heart Belongs…

I may have been involved in the creation of a California vineyardThe Gainey Vineyard - Merlot and Pinot Noir by CorgiTales and I know I’ve said this before but my heart can be found in any bottle of good Bordeaux.  Wine is very personal.  To each his own, as it were.  But I ran across a quotation that, for me, explains my passion for this particular region and it’s wines.thank You for  155,332 views! Really,  it worth a glass of Grand vin de Bordeaux!!!!!!!!! by Dr TaoMost vintages have had the benefit of a light hand when it comes to oak.  Just enough to make them hearty, not enough to call them over-bearing, as so many California reds have become.  

When you think of Bordeaux wine there is really only one thing you have to remember: Balance.

That balance is best defined by Jean-Bernard Delmas, winemaker at Château Haut-BrionChateau Haut Brion by mark.ringrose“Le Bordeaux: il a tout et rien de plus.”

The Bordeaux: it has everything and nothing more.