Yankee Stadium

I am in New York for the umpteenth time.  The weather is perfect: Spring, broken clouds and temperate climes equals baseball.

For the first time in my life I attended a Yankees game in their own house.  And none too soon.  The iconic structure is slated to come down.

It’s 2008, it’s final season, and the stadium has hosted games since 1923.  More World Series games have been played there than anywhere else.  It cradled Babe Ruth and taught him how to hit his first home run as a Yankee in his very first Yankee game,Babe Ruth and inside it’s walls the Yankees won their very first title in the Stadium’s inaugural season.

Holding a some 57,000 fans, (the new stadium will seat 4000 fewer), it is certainly the most famous and the most thrilling stadium to have ever held the game.

It cost $2.5 Million to build.  The same amount would not even buy a staircase in the new $1.3 Billion stadium situated on an adjacent lot.building the new yankee stadium

The old stadium is to be demolished; tuned under for parkland, as though it were never there.  Old and New Yankee StadiumBut, I’ll bet the Yankees next title that anyone who crosses that new park, with eyes closed and hearts open, might hear the crack of Babe’s bat and feel the breeze of a passing ball if they just listen…and remember.Dog Takes Man For Walk in Park

Babe Ruth Statue