Why, Women?

Run, don’t walk, to your local corner bookstore and buy

The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan.The Middle Place (Voice)

If you need a teaser watch below.

If you are man, you will finally understand what it is to be a woman. You will gain insight into why we are so moody, difficult, joyous and fascinating.  This is important information if you have a mother, a wife, sister or a daughter…or have every interacted with a female and walked away shaking your head.

If you are a young woman it will give purpose to your life and a thrill of what might come.  It will help you forgive yourself for those times you are moody and difficult and teach you to appreciate yourself for being joyous and fascinating as well, for each one depends upon the other.

If you are a grown woman, it will summerize your place and purpose on earth and make you feel whole and good and meritorus.