Visitation Rights

I spend most of the summer with only weekend visitations from my husband.  I am on our boat in the waters of British Columbia.  Desolation SoundHe has a day job and, for some reason, they demand that he actually be at that job five out of seven days a week.  Large Cargo Freighter at Boeing FieldHarsh, I know.


I look forward to him arriving via float plane Kenmore Air 8 ammost Fridays for his two day sojourn…most of the time.  But, did you ever have a run of days when just about everything goes wrong?  Not uncommon on a boat, I admit.  In fact, when and if we ever get another boat, we may name her Murphy, for that famous law applies with particular regularity at sea.murphy's laws


The boat was running fine.  The tender, with a newly overhauled outboard was running, in fact, like new.  Enter: engineer-husband. 


Day one: a fuse blows in one of the heads and the lights below are nada.  But, said engineer-husband loves a project: idle hands and all that.  In no time (well, actually several hours), the problem is solved and the lights are back up.


Day two: Being a former military pilot, engineer-husband loves speed.  He jumps in the tender and decides to exercise the new-furbished outboard.  Boom.  It does something commonly know to most men as “throwing a rod”.  It sounds to me like the horse-power equivalent to throwing a shoe…except no farrier could fix this.  We now need a brand new outboard.  Ouch.


So, next time anyone asks how much it costs to have your husband fly up for the weekend, I will quote the famous credit card commercial:


Plane ticket to parts unknown: $250

Hourly rate electrical work ( in-house labor): $100

Brand new Honda Fifty: $9500At the beach

Weekend with your wife: Priceless.