Casa HerraduraIn January I visited the Herradura factory near Guadalahara, Mexico.  It is a beautiful facility and they give an outstanding, informative tour.The Aztecs were the first to use Blue Agave to extract a mildly alcoholic beverage.  With the invasion of the Spainiards came “modern” distilation methods, and Tequila was born.Casa Herradura Tequila Factory The agave is harvested when it is 8-12 years old.  The leaves are sheared off and the center, or pina, which can weigh up to 150 pounds, is roasted.Casa Herradura Tequila Factory


I never knew that the agave was cooked.  The pina is shredded and put into large ovens. The odor is not unlike the cooking of molasses and, when golden, it tastes a little like roasted plaintains. 

Casa Herradura Tequila FactoryThe cooked pina is milled with water and fermented, like wine.

Casa Herradura Tequila Factory

Casa Herradura Tequila FactoryAnd casked, like wine.

Therein lie the only similarities:Tequila For, as Thomas Beacon most famously said, “when the wine is in, the wit is out.” 

Tequila, as everyone knows, is a mind clarifying liquid.

When the tequila is in, the tongue is out.Tequila Baby