Summer Breakfast

Particular to summer mornings on our boat is something my two girls love: Nectarine Yogurt and Granola.  I only make it when we’re on our boat.  It’s nectarine season White Nectarinesand summer is special, so why not a summer breakfast? As summer melts into fall peaches are the thing, instead.

In a blender blend one pint of plain yogurt (I use whole because I think it tastes better, but non-fat works as well), 3 nectarines, pitted, but not peeled (any hard seed parts removed), and 1/2 cup of fruit sweetener or honey (I use Mystic Lake Fruit Sweetener–made in Washington State).

Pour any kind of granola into a bowl (I use Quaker).  making granola 0212.jpgAdd a few spoonfuls of blended yogurt and top with coarely chopped nectarines (I use 1/2 nectarine per person).

Enjoy the taste of summer!Taste of summer