I was in Santa Barbara County last week.  It was a pleasant change from Seattle as long as the temperature hovered at the 75 degree mark.  But, I confess, I wilt at 80 unless there is a cool puddle of water nearby.  Puddle 1So, on Sunday as the mercury hit 95, Hot enough to fry an eggI recoiled when my youngest daughter, a budding photographer, Blindfolded photo of blindfolded photographersuggested she take some pictures of me sitting in the yard of my former house in the Santa Ynez Valley.Gainey Winery/VineyardSanta Ynez Valley

After all, I had just spent the week riding horseback across the furnace-like Figueroa Mountains in water soaked shirts trying to keep cool.  Now, the air conditioning in the house was a perfect foil to the sweltering heatwaves rising off the asphalt driveway.  Heat wavesBut, the grass was cool and the breeze welcome as said daughter positioned me near a bed of spring flowers and, voila, a new photo is born: Two years hence the previous picture of the author was posted here.

I keep a file of past driver’s license photos, just to examine the aging process.  For me, the years from 16 to 25 have so far shown the most change, perhaps because as I grow older the clarity of my vision has decreased.  I love that soft focus look all photographs take on, like the fuzzy lens of an old movie. Old Tucson Movie Studio

God works wonders in the exchange of aging eyes for a gentler outlook on life in general, don’t you think?  And much of it has nothing to do with vision.blindfold