Quotation of the Day

I am in final preparation for “The Query”.  I have written what I feel is a stellar letter soliciting the kindness of an agent and their willingness to ask for more pages of the same stellar words. 

I have groomed, cut and added.  I have changed whole passages and pages at the suggestion of a few readers whose advice I trust: an editor friend of mine from a large publisher of non-fiction; a retired agent; a best-selling author; a friend who is a voracious reader of fiction.  I have written, rewritten and written, again.

Complete Manuscript by sophiebiblio

I like the manuscript.  In fact, I love the story and am excited about the possibilities.  That’s why I write.  Because I love good stories and I am addicted to the excitement a new idea brings to the way I view life.

Yet, as I finish the eleventh draft of my second novel and read it through the umpteenth time, word-for-word, until my eyes no longer focus on any single letter of the twenty-six letter alphabet, Alphabet 06 by Leo Reynoldsone daunting quotation bounces between my ears:

“There are three rules for writing the novel.  Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”

William Somerset Maugham by Siegfried Woldhek–Somerset Maugham

Stay tuned.