Messengers from Another Realm

Spring is tangible in Seattle at the moment.  The Daphne is blooming and it’s glorious smell permeates the air.  Daffodils and cherry blossoms multiply daily.  You can’t walk two steps without sensing a fresh flower. 

It’s Easter: a new beginning, a fresh start—the promise of resurrection.

I think it is apropos of the season, in all it’s beauty and promise, that I am reading Eckert Tolle’s book, A New Earth.Awakening to Your Life's Purpose (Oprah's Book Club, Selection 61)

I am fascinated by something he postulates early on: “Flowers….like messengers from another realm.”

flowers with dewDelicate little flowers..

Could there purpose and existence be so subtle yet so powerful?

Tolle suggests that the first flower to appear on earth, 114 million years ago, was nothing less than a precursor to the awakening of humans, when they arrived, to an essential part of their innermost being.  

“Humans would increasingly be drawn to and fascinated by them.”

The simple act of recognizing the beauty of a flower, he says, sparked feelings of joy and love that are intrinsically linked to understanding the formless part of our consciousness. 

Flowers, it seems, were the first to spur man to enlightenment. 

Mt. Vernon Tulips 

Just as spring becomes the open door offering a breathless escape from winter, Tolle’s book may offer a portal to the next courageous step for humanity.