Icons, Adieu

Two icons of my childhood moved on yesterday.  Farrah FawcettFarrah:  "Steve said you wanted to talk to me?" by Patrick McEvoy-Halston, whose hair I always wanted (well, maybe her body, too), and Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Has Dead by yusufyusuf85, both made news yesterday.

I listened to the radio in the afternoon, and many of the “Drive at Five” shows were talking about the lives of both people.  It struck me though, that more than half the opinion voiced about each was negative.

Both Fawcett Farrah and Ryan by Chickeyonthegoand Jackson michael jackson mugshot by medipixelhad their scandals.  Both contributed enormously, as well.  Their accomplishments far outweighed their pitfalls.  Just as the good things happening in the world far outweigh the bad.  And yet, it seems to be human nature to dwell on the negative, no?

Merely observing the criticism makes me think more about compassionCompassion by Serhan K..  We could all use more, directed toward others and directed toward ourselves.

Perhaps that’s the real good news in every passing.  Self-examination is often where we find the truth about the world."love comes from the most unexpected places..." by woolloomooloo