Cheer Up

OK…so the theme this week is cheer.  Kitty Smile by FlickrGrl42Why not? 

My dream is to establish a new news channel: GNN–The Good News Network.  No prescription drug commercialsMedication by Victorrjr, no bankrupcy commercials, no ambulance chasers…

KJR, A local radio station in Seattle has already started broadcasts each morning: Good News ONLY.

It’s about time we ALL stopped focusing on what’s going wrong, and turn our attention to what’s going right.  It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away... by neloquamy friend's heart is as beautiful as the one of these daffs... by Vol-au-VentBeautiful Snail with Scar by The Visions of KaiIt`s your eyes and say that life is beautiful... by neloquaI have a theory that if all the bad news in the year were weighed against all the good news, the bad news would cross the TV screen like a blip, the last 5 seconds of the last hour of day 365.

Oh yeah. I got a shirt :) by ericskiff

What is it about humanity that demands suffering?  We’ll watch anything that remotely reminds us of a trainwreck.  We need to all get over ourselves and start appreciating everything we have in our lives, even if it’s only the beauty of the stars above and running water.The Small Waterfall in The Small Gathering by Hamed Saber

Let’s make a pact to laugh every day if it’s nothing more than laughing at how serious we all take ourselves and each other.I Cannot Believe He's Laughing At Me!!! by joschmoblo

Here’s my part of the bargain for today from someone who spent his life making people turn their heads from pain to laughter:


Now didn’t that make you FEEL BETTER?

Just think of it as part of Project FEELGOOD, and take a daily dose of happy.