Best Laid Plans

I must pause here in the middle of my QM2 posts, to commemorate the summer solstice—Boeing style.

As you may have guessed by now, my husband is employed by the Boeing Company.  Boeing RAAF 737-700 Wedgetail Boeing field.He works in flight test and has the opportunity to be among the first up in the various aircraft.

I contend that the “test schedule” is an oxymoran.  boeing b-17g flying fortressNothing ever seems to go as planned, on the day planned, or even on the plane, planned.

Nearly a full year ago a test was initiated via the “schedule” to test the landing lights of the prized 737 Boeing Field Flight Line(which is delivered at a rate of roughly one per day here in Seattle).  This test can oly be done at night, during a long enough wedge of time to get good results, and with the lowest ambiant light conditions possible (read: not anywhere near Seattle).

Due to other more pressing test issues, the test is pushed back…and pushed back…and pushed back.  From last fall into deep winter, then spring.  Now we are at summer solstice:Summer_Solstice_Sunrise_over_Stonehenge_2005 the longest day of the year, the longest daylight and the shortest sliver of darkness.

OK!  Let’s fly!

So, after working a full day, the flight test crew takes off into the night…the very short night to try to complete a test before civil twilight dawns at 4am….KCOE runway lights

It is a great motivating factor, trying to beat the sun.  Test complete, they are all home by 5am…

The new test on the schedule: hot weather testing.  No doubt it will slide until December.Snow storm on my road