Author of Life

Is this you?photo1

If so, take note:

As a writer, one thing I know for certain. Life is like a working manuscript where the edits are paramount. If what is is what is wanted, then read it over and over, like a beautiful poem.5281_487989521266619_374013520_n-1

If what is is NOT what you want, make something else up.

Become the author of your own life, not merely a reader of the story before you, believing it to be written by another’s hand. You are the only author.

You have the ability to focus your life into anything you want to be living and, indeed, this is what you do every moment of every day: focus on what you be-living–what you be-lieve. You only have to believe it to be living it.

Quantum physics teaches us that matter reacts when the human mind brings it into focus. Scientists understand that the expected outcome of an experiment can change the results. If this is so for some matter, it must be true for all matter: the human mind can change an outcome simply by the way it observes.

Experiment: Next time you wake up in a bad mood, note how the rest of your day goes. Then, consciously change your mood. Watch a comedy, read the comics, think about someone you love, or the last time you had a hard laugh. Feel that “happy place”, then note the little things that begin to greet you in that same happy fashion. It may only be the faces of a few smiling strangers as you walk down the street, or a phone call from a friend who always makes you smile. Take notice. The human magnet is a powerful thing. You can embrace it or deny it, but it can’t be switched off.

What if everything you experience is a result of what you believe? How quickly would you change your thoughts to follow a new belief?

Believe it to be living it.

How quickly would you change your world?