Add, Cut, Add, Cut, Add, Cut

I live to edit.  Really. 

forever editing by Kolby Schnelli

Just tell me what to do, I’ll do it.

I just received some advice on one of my manuscripts: flesh out some of the characters a bit more.  I added 5000 words.  The novel is better.  Much better.

Word Count on Day 4. | NaNoWriMo by mrs. reed.

I sent it to my agent for a read before resubmitting.  Her advice: cut some of the narration to quicken the pace.  I cut 3000 words.  The novel is better.  Much better.

One thing I learned early on in writing: listen to what the experts say.  Blue Editors' shirt by SmeerchThere’s a reason they have successful jobs as editors and agents.  They understand the market.  The point, after all, if you are a writer, is to be PUBLISHED.  And publishers only want to publish what they think will SELL.

They are not led by their hearts.  They are led by their minds.  Human brain - please add comment and fav this if you blog with it. by Gaetan LeeWriters who are unwilling to take advice never become authors.  Those who learn to take direction end up with their name in bold print above a small title—-eventually.

It may take a while.  Steve Berry in Dallas for THE CHARLEMAGNE PURSUIT by freshfictionBest-Selling author, Steve Berry, read 85 rejections for 5 manuscripts over 12 years before he was published.

I’ll bet, if you ask him, he doesn’t mind being edited.

Direction is always better than sitting in your pajamas, drinking one more cup of coffee, staring at words you’ve read at least 100 times.  If I can’t think up my own idea, give me one of your brainy ones. 

I’ll take it to heart.Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. by Miss Chien